Brainstorming the Agile Transformation Team (ATT)

Le 13 décembre 2018
de 19:00 à 20:30

L’atelier sera suivi de la soirée de fin d’année – cocktail réseautage.

Let’s define: An Agile Transformation Team (ATT) is a team of 3+ people who have been given the commission to “make the Agile Transformation better.” Or more.

ATT workshop V3

Our purpose this night is to help that ATT become better. 

We will divide into teams ourselves (of about 4 or 5 people each).  Your team can define more specifics about the ATT you want to help. (We assume each ATT will NOT be the same.  And that at least different people have different ideas about it.)

And then you define or develop the following at your “table team”:

  1. the situation
  2. the vision
  3. the metrics
  4. the people and resources
  5. the work for the Agile Transformation Team. [This is the meat.]

You will enjoy doing this work.  We expect some laughs along the way.

We will share along the way.

Joe Little is an Agile Coach and Trainer (CST).  He co-trained 8 times with Jeff Sutherland. He has worked with Mary and Tom Poppendieck.  He has been training and coaching for 10+ years. He is part French (a small but proud part) and visits Montreal often.

You can learn more at

Like a Greek bearing gifts, he offers two gifts.

He has written a book on Agile Release Planning, and you can get a free copy until Dec 1 here:

He has another book, in draft, called Scrum Introduction.  Here:

Lieu de l'événement

Maison Notman
51 Sherbrooke ouest

H2X 1X2


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